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Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center is the best place in Southern California to be evaluated for a Post-Polio Syndrome diagnosis. Once you are diagnosed you can get continued care from other physicians and physical therapists trained in polio. If you are in an HMO you will probably have to fight hard and long to get the HMO to refer you to Rancho. It is worth the fight! Remember, if the HMO cannot provide you with polio trained physicians and therapists capable of making a PPS diagnosis they have to send you to medical professionals who can. Make the argument that Rancho has proven itself to be up to the task. Why should the HMO send you to physicians and therapists who have no track record in diagnosing PPS? Going to Rancho will save the HMO money in the long run!

NOTE: If you are with Kaiser you should ask that Dr. Christine Phan make the PPS diagnosis. (see below)

 A list of more than 200 PPS caregivers rated positive by  Southern California polio survivors:

Health Care Providers our Members Have  Frequently Used:

Stewart Shanfiled MD – Orthopedist— Trained at Ranch Los Amigos in care of polio survivorsSimpson, Julie Neuro Outpatient Rehab,

Christopher Lawler MD – Physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation),  some knowledge of PPS
Kenneth Lynn MD Physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) Very knowledgeable in PPS

Susan Perlman MD – UCLA – Neurology, limited PPS clinic- consults on PPS referrals

Stephen Waldman MD  – Neurology – Very knowlegeable in PPS – works well with Dr. Shanfield

Theodore Teacher MD – Neurology- Has given good care to polio survivors

Christine Phan – Physiatrist-Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Kaiser Permanente -Listed in Post-polio Health Interntional Directory- (562) 657-2418

Calvin Okey – Ostopathic Medicine- Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Kaiser Permanente – Good with PPS patients- (714) 748-7622

Guillermo Fredrickson RRT – Dept Administrator, Neuromuscular Respiratory Program – Neurology – (619) 516-6514, 4405 Vandever Ave, San Diego, CA 93120

 Philip Gold MD – Pulmnologist – Excellent PPS care

Steven Leven MD – Pulmnologist- Great PPS patient reviews

Loren Rojek CPO – Orthotist- Experienced with making braces and other orthotics for polio surviovors

Rod Cuervo CPO– Orthotist- Experienced with making braces and other orthotics for polio surviovors

Kevin Carey CPO– Orthotist- Experienced with making braces and other orthotics for polio surviovors

Julie Simpson-Physical Therapist- Neuro Outpatient Rehab-St.Jude Centers for Rehab and Wellness 578-8706 ext. 2347

Laurie Morris- Physical Therapist-Neuro Outpatient Rehab- St. Jude Rehab-Centers for Rehab and Wellness-578-8720 ext. 2346