2017 Meeting Schedule

Saturday January  10th         2pm — 4pm

Finger Food Potluck and Discussion of “What Works and Doesn’t Work in Living with PPS “

Saturday March 11th         2pm — 4pm

Mobility Center presentation  on personal Assistive Devices and Wheelchair Lifts for vehicles.

Sunday May 13th         2pm — 4pm

Lori Morris Physical St. Jude Medical Center

Physical Therapy and Muscle Testing for polio survivors.

Sunday July 16th         2pm — 4pm

Dr. Perlman (UCLA PPS Clinic)  Update on PPS research

Saturday September 9th         2pm — 4pm

Sleep and Respiratory Care _ Diana Guth BA, RRT 

Saturday November 11th         2pm — 4pm

HICAP presentation by Beatrice Numez on 2018 changes in Medicare.