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Diana Guth, B.A., RRT, spent many many hour preparing this very comprehensive presentation on the diagnosis of sleep problems and the various devices available to treat them. Her diagrams are very clear and easy to understand. Her presentation is useful for anyone with sleep problems, however she address polio survivors in particular.

What comes first? Pain or difficulty sleeping?

What is sleep apnea?  How is it diagnosed

What is hyperventilation? How is it diagnosed,

Dig into her slide presentation> The answers are here!






See Useful Items under “Post Polio Info” for Current Polio Exercise Program

Polio PT Julie Simpson’s outline from her May 2017 Presentation is available here!

Breathing or Sleep problems?

Come and hear Diana Guth. She is a Respiratory Therapist with over 4o years in clinical practice. She has spoken at several Post Polio International Conferences. We are very honored to have her come to us on Saturday September 9th. Please refer to our July 2017 Newsletter to review some of the topics that her presentation will cover. Of course, it is increasingly difficult for all of us to participate in meetings. Hopefully, it won’t be a scorching hot day.

Please call Baldwin at 949-981-2605 if you will need assistance getting from you car to the meeting hall. PLEASE DON’T STRUGGLE or RISK FALLING. There are several of us who can help!

You, personally, may not need the information or the respiratory equipment Diana Guth will present. But you may need it in future year or you may know someone who needs it now. It is not easy for us  to get a presenter with Diana’s qualifications. She is certainly one  caregiver who can assist us with living well with PPS. You will thank yourself for making the effort to hear her and to join with other survivors. We tend to lift each other up!


Dr. Perlman Present SUNDAY July 16th

What better way to spend a hot summer afternoon. Dr. Perlman is always cool, calm, collected and caring. Please write down your questions.

Diana Guth on September 9th!

Diana is an expert  on breathing disorders as they relate to sleep. She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist with over 40 years experience.

She is very knowledgeable about PPS and dedicated to finding help for our particular needs.

See our July -Sept Newsletter for some of the topics she will cover, And bring your questions

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