Are you prepared for earthquakes, fires, or flooding?

We have had all three recently. The 5000 homes that burnt to the ground in Santa Rosa  were in terrain similar to most of urban Southern California. One change in wind direction could have brought the Anaheim Hills fires racing into Tustin. A fire in one neighborhood would have generated internal wind and a rolling firestorm that could have leaped into Irvine and Santa Ana. And we all know that it is only a matter of time before a large quake hits. All it will take is a huge downpour in a short period of time and our drainage system will be overrun, even in “flat” terrain. Fire, flood, or earthquake could knock out electricity, clean water, and natural gas supply.

Come and get the latest information on disaster preparation March 10th  from Jerry Couchman. He is a  volunteer educator for the Red Cross. He also volunteers for firewatch in on Orange County. As a career carpenter he is very knowledgeable about road, building and housing construction. Also, he has first hand experience of the needs of the disabled through work on volunteer projects for clients of the Dayle McIntosh Center, and  being the son of, until recently,  a once very independent woman now in her late 90s.

Are you registered with your city/county for special assistance with first responders?

Do you have a list of your medications and physicians in your wallet/purse and in a prominent place in your home?

Do you have proper disaster supplies?

Do you have plan for extended blackout, no clean water, or natural gas?

Do you have a disaster communication network to neighbors, friends, and family?

Most of us cannot say yes to all of these questions. Jerry will motivate us and give us the information and do the preparation we need to be able to answer YES to each.